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HouseCat Race 2012

Welcome to the official website/blog of the HouseCat race!

Interested in participating in this event? Want more info? Well, you have come to the right place!

Before we explain the details of the event, it is necessary to illustrate the cause for which we are doing all of this. We decided to do the HouseCat as a fundraising event for Bike & Build, a non-profit organization which raises money and awareness for affordable housing programs nationwide. 'We' are Brandon Casper and Brandon Niles, two cool fellas who live in Raleigh, NC that will be participating in the Bike & Build Central US Ride this coming summer. Through the support of our friends, family, and community, we will be biking some 3,800 miles from Virginia Beach, VA to near Portland, OR with a group of about 30 other like-minded individuals, supporting our cause the entire way. In addition to pedaling for affordable housing, we will be actually stopping in some towns and cities to help on the build sites, literally helping to construct these homes that we are promoting and funding. A lack of affordable housing for those that need it is a huge problem in our country, and we are more than thrilled to do our part and help contribute our awareness, drive, and strength to make it less of an issue. For more information on what we are doing, please check out

This is where you all come in! By participating in this event, donating money, or even helping to volunteer for the event, you are helping to raise funding and awareness for affordable housing. Bike & Build donates funding to all sorts of affordable housing projects, from small local programs to Habitat for Humanity. This is a great way to get involved in your community, as well as to help to support those in need. Your contribution may not seem like much, but we assure you that by doing your part you are becoming part of a team which is giving to a great cause.

Let's talk about affordable housing for a minute, in case you aren't familiar with the situation. Housing is considered affordable to a low-income family if they spend less than 30% of their income on it (this includes utilities and tax). Any home that spends more than that is considered to have a housing problem. Many of these families live in homes that have problems with plumbing, climate control, pests, or overcrowding. Because too much is spent on rent or mortgage, qualities of life degrades in other ways, as well (such as lack of proper nutrition or health care). In North Carolina alone, there are estimated 2 million people with housing problems. Nationally, the problem is also at large and entirely stoppable, with the help from the right individuals. And that's where we come in!

So now, you are probably wondering, what is the HouseCat?

HouseCat is a scavenger-hunt/bike race in Downtown Raleigh. You all will meet at a pre-determined destination, where you will register for the race and receive a spoke card (PLEASE TRY TO PRE-REGISTER ONLINE! IT WILL MAKE THE REGISTRATION PROCESS MUUUCH QUICKER!). You will also receive a card with clues on it. Each clue will point you towards a destination, where you will have to perform a small task of some sort to receive a stamp on your card. The first person to make it to the final destination with a completed card is the winner! There will be prizes for first, second, and third place, as well as a few other categories which we will fill you all in on later.


Here are the things you will need on race day:

 - Your bike (duh!)
 - A photo ID
 - A bag, basket or panniers
 - A water bottle (you need to stay hydrated, even in the winter time!)
 - A lock
 - A helmet (while not required by state law, we HIGHLY suggest you wear a helmet while cycling, always)
 - A good breakfast
 - A desire to contribute towards affordable housing!

Not able to race? Still want to do your part? We need lots of volunteers to help station the checkpoints, set up everything, and make sure the ship sails smoothly. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please email us at

Here are the juicy details, such as time, date, registration fee,

Date: Saturday February 25th, 2012
Time: Registration starts 1:00 PM
Place: Race starts at the North Carolina State Capitol
Registration Fee: $10 pre-register, $15 day of

PRE-REGISTRATION HAS ENDED! If you are interested in participating in this event, you will need to show up at the Capitol Building at 1 PM and pay $15 cash to register.

We have the support of a bunch of local businesses who will be sponsoring the event, as well as some national and international companies who will be also offering their products and support. We will continue to release more of our sponsors as we get confirmations in the coming weeks. These guys are offering their products, time, and knowledge, as well as some cool swag to give away as prizes. Be sure to thank any representatives that you see! We really appreciate them putting forth the effort, and want to make that felt.

Thanks so much for checking us out! We hope you are interested in this event, and would like very much to see you all out there on race day!


The HouseCat Team

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